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Banano “Powerplant”

Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

Compatibility list

Works with: Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Chrome for Android

Doesn't work with: iOS

Message: "Error: not loaded"

Something blocking mining script to download. Check adblock or antivirus.

Also check is https://www.hostingcloud.racing/ESAt.js script available.

I can mine with phone or tablet, but is it safe?

Sometimes miner works on phones or tablets. You can mine with them too, but be very careful, phone is not designed for mining, can be overheated and damaged by mining.

Try to start from 10 % of speed and check temperature every couple of minutes. If phone is warm - it’s ok, but if it too hot to hold - I recommend you to stop mining immidiatelly.

What is "Total BAN (estimation)"?

That is estimation of banano amount for current session. It is not very precise sometimes, but it illustrates mining progress.

What is "Confirmed balance"?

That is your bananos. You can withdraw them.

Can I mine with my GPU?

No, GPU mining is not supported.

Can I mine without browser in command line?

No, mining without browser is not supported too.

Can I mine from multiple computers to one address?

Yes, you can

Browser mining site by sau412, check my other projects here.